The Dreaded UTI: 4 Ways to Prevent Them Naturally and Relieve Your Pain

Urinary tract infections are annoying, unpleasant, and just downright cruel. More than likely, you've experienced one. If you haven't, then it is likely coming, as almost half of all adult women will have at least one UTI at some point in their lives. With roughly 20 percent of women likely to experience a recurrent UTI, it is crucial that you know how to prevent these infections from happening. If you've caught the infection and want to avoid getting it again, here are a few natural remedies to help prevent recurrent urinary tract infections:

1. Eat a High-Alkaline Diet.

It has been suggested that urine with a high pH has the ability to fight bacteria better. To increase pH levels in your urine, you need to eat a high-alkaline diet. This type of diet would include eating polyphenol-rich foods that will work to improve the health of your gut while staving off UTIs. Some of the best foods for this diet include green vegetables, apples, nuts, dark chocolate, flaxseeds, and eggs.

2. Drink Cranberry Juice.

Cranberry juice has long been a popular folk remedy for preventing urinary tract infections. Is there any truth behind it, especially since they may contain some acid? According to this study, there is. Cranberry users were able to reduce their risk of developing UTIs, especially when they consumed cranberry products more than twice each day. This was true even in women who were susceptible to recurrent UTIs.

3. Give Celery Seeds a Try.

Celery seeds are a known antiseptic and can help eliminate the acid in your urine due to its diuretic properties. For that reason, celery seeds can help speed up the process of UTI treatment. At the same time, however, celery seeds have been shown to be effective in actually preventing the UTI from ever occurring, so they may be something that you want to add to your everyday diet.

4. Increase Your Intake of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is used for many things, such as boosting your immune system. You may not think about this particular vitamin when you're considering how to prevent a bladder infection, but it may actually prove to be quite helpful. This is because the increased acidity that your urine receives from the vitamin C may be able to lower the growth rate of bacteria and thereby prevent UTI and other infections of the bladder. However, more research is needed to determine the efficacy of vitamin C on the prevention of UTIs.

If you can't prevent or treat your UTI naturally, you need to consult with your gynecologist. When UTIs are left untreated, they can cause some serious damage and potentially result in death under the wrong circumstances. If you can't get rid of the itch and the burn, make an appointment sooner rather than later with an OBGYN health care provider like Darin L Weyhrich.