Gynecologist: Why You Shouldn't Skip Any Of Your Annual OBGYN Visits

A visit to a gynecologist is not one of the experiences you look forward to, but it's vital for your health. Most women don't schedule a gynecological visit because they associate it with pain and discomfort, which is not always the case. Others feel like their privacy is being invaded, so they skip these crucial visits. In fact, they only schedule a gynecological visit when they develop a serious reproductive health problem. A gynecologist handles every procedure carefully, making the visit more interactive and enjoyable. Actually, visiting one is among the most effective ways to bid reproductive health problems goodbye. But why is it vital to see a gynecologist regularly? Keep reading.

They Will Examine Your Breasts for Early Cancer Signs 

Although breast cancer is a killer disease, it can be prevented and treated if diagnosed early. Sadly, most women don't take breast exams seriously until they are in pain, and the problem is at an advanced stage. According to most gynecologists, it's necessary for women, particularly those above thirty years old, to get regular breast exams. If some of your family members have suffered breast cancer, it's crucial to have regular breast exams, even if you are still in your twenties.

They Will Address Menstrual Abnormalities

While some women receive their periods normally, others experience problems during their menstrual cycle. They usually feel a lot of pain and experience irregular discharge, heavy flow, or prolonged periods. If you experience any of these problems, see a gynecologist because they will offer proper treatment and help prevent serious issues that could interfere with your fertility. 

They Will Help You Plan Your Pregnancies

Getting pregnant is exciting, but it's also advisable to plan your pregnancies well. Of course, no one wants to have kids when they are not ready for them. Some women conceive even when using a birth control plan. Usually, different women react to various birth control methods differently. A birth control plan that works for your friend might not work for you. So if you are looking for a reliable birth control plan, a gynecologist will advise you on the best option, depending on your goals and general health.

They Will Address Any Sex-Related Problem

Sex problems vary from one person to another, and the most common ones include pain during and after sex, lack of sex drive, and vaginal dryness. And although these problems have a huge effect on one's health and quality of life, most people are embarrassed to talk about them. Usually, sex-related discomforts are a sign of a reproductive health problem that a gynecologist should address. So if you are experiencing any, contact a gynecologist for help. 

You now see why you should never skip any of your gynecological visits. In case you have any reproductive health problems, ensure you see a gynecologist in good time.